Made at Droga5

Atlassian’s powerful suite of collaboration tools make the impossible possible. Our campaign highlights three universally understood impossible problems & solves them, together.

Impossible Problem #1:
Holding onto your dreams forever. 
Introducing the Dreamkeeper; a collaboration between Front End Developers, AI Engineers and Dream Scientists to turn fleeting dreams into everlasting works of art. The immersive site uses AI to transform any dream into a shareable, animated visualizations users can hold onto forever.

Some AI generated dream artwork too beautiful not to share.

Impossible Problem #2:
Getting a catchy song out of your head. 
Introducing the Earworm Eraser; a collaboration from Music Psychologists, Audio Engineers and Artists to create a track and music video scientifically engineered as a remedy for earworms. 

Impossible Problem #3:
Making money grow on trees.

Introducing the Giving Trees; a collaboration between Stripe, The Battery in NYC and nature lovers to turn trees into tapable donation banks for The Battery and Sierra Club. The installation features an embedded Stripe reader so park goers are able to donate to the upkeep of trees and greenspaces with a simple tap of their phone.

Executive Creative Directors: Chris Colliton and Kevin Weir 
Creative Team: Maria Kouninska, Jenny Yoon, Courtney Tibbetts, and Sara Smokrovich
Producers: Ian Graetzer, Justin Durazzo, Dakota Brockman, and Cameron Priestley
Website Design: Active Theory
AI Research/Development: Addition/Stable Diffusion
Dream Scientist: Dr. Deirdre Barrett
Animator/Illustrator: Laura Jayne Hodkin
3D Illustrator: Harry Bhalerao
Sound Design: Squeak E. Clean
Music Psychologist: Dr. Kelly Jakubowski
Fabrication: Whatever
The Tree/Location: The Battery NYC

Little Black Book
The Drum